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  • Lining Installation and Repair +

    Virginia Carolina is here for you on all your lining repair needs.  Our repair and installation consist of, but is Read More
  • Brick +

    VCR is a specialist in all types of brick construction, able to provide you with any of your refractory brick Read More
  • Castables +

    With VCR’s complete line of refractory castables the application possibilities are endless.  VCR offers castable lining installation and repairs as Read More
  • Fiber +

    VCR is experienced in all types of fiber lining, from wall paper blanket to ceramic fiber modules. Read More
  • Plastics +

    From high production plastic gunning to ramming intricate shapes, VCR can provide your specific installation needs.  Read More
  • Gunnite/Shotcrete +

    If pneumatic refractory application is your choice, VCR can supply it all from conventional gunning to high production shotcrete. We have Read More
  • Anchoring +

    VCR is here always here to assist you in your anchoring needs.  Whether it's just a few VS-style  anchors you need Read More
  • Remote Mechanized Demolition +

    VCR contracts KT Grant to supply robotic demolition in order to minimize down time and maximize safety. The use of Read More
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  • Hard Fire Brick +

    From High Heat Duty through 94% alumina qualities, we stock a wide variety of firebrick in different shapes and sizes.  Read More
  • Insulating Firebrick +

    Virginia Carolina stocks a wide variety of insulating fire brick, ranging in temperature from 2300 to 3000 degree, in various Read More
  • Mortars +

    We stock general purpose refractory mortar and 85% alumina mortar. If you require special mortar or 94% alumina, we can Read More
  • Plastics +

    Here in the warehouse, we stock 85% alumina plastics as well as Blu-Ram 70% plastic, with others readily available. Plastics Read More
  • Castables +

    Insulating castables (1600°-3000°F), Super Duty castables, free-flowing castables, self-leveling castables, aluminum resistant, and everything in-between.  We have the material and Read More
  • Gunning Mixes +

    We offer gunning mixes which include insulating castables, Super-Duty castables, and items such as Greengun qualities.  Give us a call! Read More
  • Ceramic Fiber +

    Mineral Wool, Ceramic Fiber Blankets, Ceramic Fiber Strips, Boards, Papers, or Modules – we offer  a wide variety of ceramic Read More
  • Anchors +

    Our anchoring systems include brick achors for walls and roofs, along with metal achoring items such as VS-type anchors in Read More
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Lining Installation
& Repair

Virginia Carolina is here for you on all your lining repair needs. We employee highly skilled craftsmen in all fields of installation and repair.

Read More

Hot Cleaning & Hot Gunning

If time is of the essence and shutting down is not an option, then a hot clean and hot gun patch can get you through until your next repair opportunity, using robotics for hot clean operations and hot gunning for “fix-on-the-fly” repairs.

Read More

Equipment & In-House Capabilities

We offer a wide variety of services that can be used to cut costs as well as minimize downtime. There services are used to give the customer a better end product.

Read More

Latest Company News

VCR Year in Review - April 23, 2018

Written by Virginia Carolina Refractory  /  Published: Monday, 23 April 2018

Virginia Carolina Refractory has been blessed to have had a very good year of business in 2017. We have dedicated our business to becoming your “one-stop shop” for all refractory requirements –saving you time and effort. Our “value” is experience with a variety of manufacturing processes. Virginia Carolina Refractory has expanded vendor relationships and can provide material from just about any manufacturer you desire. We continue to maximize our production efforts with fresh ideas and insight, which improves efficiency and quality for our customers. We appreciate all of our customers, employees, and vendors,  while looking forward to making new relationships with customers and vendors as we move forward to serve your needs in 2018.

Don Atwell Joins Virginia Carolina Refractory, Inc - October 2016

Written by Virginia Carolina Refractory  /  Published: Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Virginia Carolina Refractory is pleased to welcome Don Atwell as the newest member of our Sales team. He will be joining Walt Campbell in serving our customers. Don has a Ceramic Engineering degree from Clemson University and has over 34 years of experience in the refractory industry. We look forward to introducing Don to all VCR customers and vendors in the near future.

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