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VCR Year in Review - April 23, 2018

Virginia Carolina Refractory has been blessed to have had a very good year of business in 2017. We have dedicated our business to becoming your “one-stop shop” for all refractory requirements –saving you time and effort. Our “value” is experience with a variety of manufacturing processes. Virginia Carolina Refractory has expanded vendor relationships and can provide material from just about any manufacturer you desire. We continue to maximize our production efforts with fresh ideas and insight, which improves efficiency and quality for our customers. We appreciate all of our customers, employees, and vendors,  while looking forward to making new relationships with customers and vendors as we move forward to serve your needs in 2018.

Don Atwell Joins Virginia Carolina Refractory, Inc - October 2016

Virginia Carolina Refractory is pleased to welcome Don Atwell as the newest member of our Sales team. He will be joining Walt Campbell in serving our customers. Don has a Ceramic Engineering degree from Clemson University and has over 34 years of experience in the refractory industry. We look forward to introducing Don to all VCR customers and vendors in the near future.