COVID Notice

Virginia Carolina Refractory has been extremely blessed that we were able to continue working throughout the COVID-19 crisis to-date, using approved site protocols and extra safety measures. We appreciate and thank our employees for their dedication and hard work within these regulations and their sacrifices being away from family at this time on some long jobs.  Our offices have remained opened and safely staffed, while maintaining our response and dedication to our customers. We do realize some manufacturing locations were “down” or had slowed production, and if you need help bringing your facility back “up”, or have fired back and are having issues with your linings, please give us a call for an inspection and free estimate. If you need us right now, we will mobilize our crew and get right to work. Virginia Carolina Refractory is following state and CDC guidelines for the safety of everyone we serve as well as our employees and look forward to working with you soon.

When the temperature is 2200 degrees, the production schedule is to the wall, and it's 2:30 a.m., you need a dedicated partner with the experience to get the job done right and done right now.

Virginia-Carolina Refractory has a strong track record of top-notch installation, service and material sales to a wide variety of industries. We've been performing these tasks for more than two decades and you can depend on us for quality, efficiency and safety - day and night.

A complete range of services
The professionals at Virginia-Carolina Refractory are specialists in addressing highly critical applications with installations, repair, service, and material supply. A few of our services include: Pre-cast, pre-fired shapes, lining installation & repair, hot cleans & hot gunning, crematory and much more. See our Services section for more information.

Mission Statement

Virginia Carolina Refractory Inc. seeks to ensure the longevity of our company through repeat and referral business, stimulated by customer satisfaction. We strive to implement long term relationships with customers and vendors based on trust and professionalism, while supply the highest quality materials and workmanship. Virginia Carolina Refractory Inc. is committed to providing a safe environment where individual and professional growth is the foundation for the company prosperity.