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Change and Innovation in Refractory Linings - October 1, 2018

The refractory world is ever-changing, and Virginia Carolina Refractory changes with the requirements of our customers. If customers have a new idea, we work with them to develop the item for their process, including Precast Shapes, Special Module sizes, or trying a time-saving outage technique. Refractory tear-out can start earlier due to the use of robotic demolition machines, saving time, production loss, and in the end – money. Virginia Carolina Refractory works closely with a companies that offers robotic tear-out services and have the ability to work with your emergency outage requirements as a one-stop supplier from tear-out, to install, to heat-up. Many companies are looking at Maintenance Contracts – Virginia Carolina Refractory works with several companies on a yearly basis. Do you call to get “Emergency” refractory work done, only to be met with “we can get you in a week”?? Virginia Carolina Refractory has always been the “Emergency Contractor” in the refractory industry in the southeast. Is your Precast Shape order taking several weeks to get from a manufacturer? Give us a call! If you have one of the pieces you are having made in stock, we can take that item, make a mold, and efficiently pour and fire-in your shape at our facility – usually much faster than the wait-times experienced otherwise. New material suppliers and new products are stocked for increased production with less cost. Think outside-of-the-box and THINK what Virginia Carolina Refractory can do for you as a ONE-STOP shop.

Virginia Carolina Refractory will come to your facility, free-of-charge, to survey your requirements. If you think the lining needs to be improved, let’s talk about it.

VCR Year in Review - April 23, 2018

Virginia Carolina Refractory has been blessed to have had a very good year of business in 2017. We have dedicated our business to becoming your “one-stop shop” for all refractory requirements –saving you time and effort. Our “value” is experience with a variety of manufacturing processes. Virginia Carolina Refractory has expanded vendor relationships and can provide material from just about any manufacturer you desire. We continue to maximize our production efforts with fresh ideas and insight, which improves efficiency and quality for our customers. We appreciate all of our customers, employees, and vendors,  while looking forward to making new relationships with customers and vendors as we move forward to serve your needs in 2018.