COVID Notice

Virginia Carolina Refractory has been extremely blessed that we were able to continue working throughout the COVID-19 crisis to-date, using approved site protocols and extra safety measures. We appreciate and thank our employees for their dedication and hard work within these regulations and their sacrifices being away from family at this time on some long jobs.  Our offices have remained opened and safely staffed, while maintaining our response and dedication to our customers. We do realize some manufacturing locations were “down” or had slowed production, and if you need help bringing your facility back “up”, or have fired back and are having issues with your linings, please give us a call for an inspection and free estimate. If you need us right now, we will mobilize our crew and get right to work. Virginia Carolina Refractory is following state and CDC guidelines for the safety of everyone we serve as well as our employees and look forward to working with you soon.


Virginia Carolina Refractory offers a complete line of refractory products, most of which are kept in stock and others that can be ordered within a day’s time, for any application. Save time and effort by using us as your one-stop refractory supplier. Let Virginia Carolina Refractory do the work of finding what you’re looking for! These products include but are not limited to:


Our anchoring systems include brick achors for walls and roofs, along with metal achoring items such as VS-type anchors in 304SS or 310SS in sizes from 2” up to 12”. 

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Ceramic Fiber

Mineral Wool, Ceramic Fiber Blankets, Ceramic Fiber Strips, Boards, Papers, or Modules – we offer  a wide variety of ceramic fiber products! Virginia Carolina Refractory is a large quantity supplier and our prices are some of the best, many times beating the manufacturers! We also supply boiler gasket tape, tadpole gasket, and have the ability to get any special woven product you may require. Give us an opportunity to service your Ceramic Fiber and woven industrial requirements.

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Gunning Mixes

We offer gunning mixes which include insulating castables, Super-Duty castables, and items such as Greengun qualities.  Give us a call!

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Insulating castables (1600°-3000°F), Super Duty castables, free-flowing castables, self-leveling castables, aluminum resistant, and everything in-between.  We have the material and ability to assist you with any of your castable needs.

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Here in the warehouse, we stock 85% alumina plastics as well as Blu-Ram 70% plastic, with others readily available. Plastics are used for a wide variety of applications, whether you need a hearth beat back for immediate repair, or you have a refractory failure that needs to be fixed without major repair and require minimal downtime. 

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We stock general purpose refractory mortar and 85% alumina mortar. If you require special mortar or 94% alumina, we can provide it same day or at worst, next day. VCR stocks most mortars utilized in the refractory industry.  From air-set to heat-set mortars, to specialty mortars for corrosion resistance, we have it ready to ship at a moment’s notice. 

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Insulating Firebrick

Virginia Carolina stocks a wide variety of insulating fire brick, ranging in temperature from 2300 to 3000 degree, in various shapes and sizes. (wedges, arches, keys, straights and specialty)  Custom insulating fire brick shapes can also be provided, such as prefabricated roof modules.

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Hard Fire Brick

From High Heat Duty through 94% alumina qualities, we stock a wide variety of firebrick in different shapes and sizes.  If we don’t have it, odds are we can locate it and have it shipped directly to you – all  in your one call to Virginia Carolina Refractory!

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