Virginia Carolina Refractory offers a full line of refractory services, from qualified craftsmen in intricate brick work, ramming plastics, to forming and pouring, or gunnite / shotcrete applications. We have over 20 masons on staff from journeymen to apprentices. We can pre-cast parts for your furnace or install a complete lining on-site. We also supply and install all types of ceramic fiber applications. Whatever you refractory needs are, we have the crew to do the job, available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. When you want the job done right and done right now, let Virginia Carolina Refractory help you with your next project.


Consulting Services

If you’re stuck in a refractory dilemma, give us a call - we are willing to help you with anything you need and if we don’t have the answers, we will do anything we can to get you one. 

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Door seals/Roof Failure/Hearth Erosion - These three high wear areas can be repaired or replaced without a complete rebuild for cost savings.  VCR can use its local skilled masons for complete rebuilds if need be. VCR can offer a full service package of refractory repairs, burner and control service, annual inspections, as well as preventative maintenance programs.

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Hot Cleaning and Hot Gunning

If time is of the essence and shutting down is not an option, then a hot clean and hot gun patch can get you through until your next repair opportunity, using robotics for hot clean operations and hot gunning for “fix-on-the-fly” repairs. 

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Material Supply

material supply

Virginia Carolina Refractory carries an extensive inventory of quality refractory products to fit your refractory material needs.  We stock various sizes, shapes, and qualities of firebrick and IFB, along with mortars, castables, plastics, ceramic fiber products, and metal/brick anchoring systems. 

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Remote Mechanized Demolition

VCR contracts KT Grant to supply robotic demolition in order to minimize down time and maximize safety. The use of robotics allows personnel to work from a safe distance, reducing their exposure to heat, chemicals, and fall-out, with turnaround times much faster than manual tear-out for specific applications.

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