Lining Installation and Repair


VCR is here always here to assist you in your anchoring needs.  Whether it's just a few VS-style  anchors you need next day delivered or you need a pre-cast specified shape with pre-existing anchors ready for installation.


VCR is a specialist in all types of brick construction, able to provide you with any of your refractory brick needs from custom kiln car work and repair, to arch and dome construction.


With VCR’s complete line of refractory castables the application possibilities are endless.  VCR offers castable lining installation and repairs as well as custom castable shapes for any application.  (see Precast-Prefired shapes under shop capabilities)


VCR is experienced in all types of fiber lining, from wall paper blanket to ceramic fiber modules.


If pneumatic refractory application is your choice, VCR can supply it all from conventional gunning to high production shotcrete. We have specialty equipment to make the jobs easier, such as this Booster Pump for our Gunnite machines.




From high production plastic gunning to ramming intricate shapes, VCR can provide your specific installation needs.