Shop Capabilities

Precast, Prefired Shapes

Did you know that Virginia Carolina Refractory can 100% fabricate your precast shapes, including rotary kiln nose rings? Rotary kiln nose rings are the protective wear ring in the kiln, which makes it a high-wear area around the burner. These areas have been a problem for our customers over the years and we have engineered, fabricated, and have the end-product to install at a 75% cost reduction compared to our competitors. The substantial amount of anchoring ensures longevity of the ring, once in place. Our shapes are pre-fired to remove the excess water and ready to install when delivered. This is our second successful execution of re-engineering these type of systems for specific kilns ranging from 5' to 15' in diameter with the proper material selected for the operational and process conditions.



IMG 3315 IMG 3318 IMG 3320


  • Minimize valuable down time for repairs
  • Quickly interchangeable
  • Eliminate curing time
  • Pre-fired in our furnace to ensure material properties


  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Experience
  • Quick turn-around time


  • Domes
  • Burner block
  • Pier block and Divider tile
  • Jamb
  • Lintel
  • Sill block
  • Degassing and Filter boxes
  • Hearth shapes
  • Transfer troughs
  • Wall panels
  • Spanner tile

Large or small shapes—limited only by your imagination!

Prefabricated Forming

For time saving purposes in certain applications, prefabricated forming can be used to decrease downtime for the customer.  Our shop employees and equipment make it possible for us to create much more complicated and intricate forms than those made on site. This results in more suitable pours and better castable construction.


Shop Linings

Virginia Carolina Refractory has capabilities of lining refractory pieces at our shop.  If it will fit on a truck, we can line it in-house.  This gives the customer “cost savings” opportunities due to the elimination of mobilization cost for a crew.

A large Combustion Chamber that was fabricated for our customer and brought to our facility, in shell form, lined at the Virginia Carolina Refractory facility. The lining consists of a three part system, 2000* insulation on the shell, then Insulating Firebrick , with a hot face of High Alumina Firebrick.  Castable Refractory was formed and poured as specified on both ends with very intricate angles and penetrations , with Plastic Refractory in nozzle areas, and could have been fired in at our facility. Virginia Carolina Refractory also has access to equipment such as the trailer shown to build/load upon and deliver your items, if required. And heavy equipment to load and unload.  If you have the need for shop work, we can perform the task! 

Combustion Chamber Combustion Chamber 2
Combustion Chamber 3 Combustion Chamber 4

Steel Fabrication

steeldoorsWhether it’s a custom damper system or just a custom piece of duct work you need immediately, VCR is here to assist you! Fully fabricated furnace doors for your specific application. The images shows steel doors that are used in the Aluminum industry.