Did you know that Virginia Carolina Refractory can 100% fabricate your precast shapes, including rotary kiln nose rings? Rotary kiln nose rings are the protective wear ring in the kiln, which makes it a high-wear area around the burner. These areas have been a problem for our customers over the years and we have engineered, fabricated, and have the end-product to install at a 75% cost reduction compared to our competitors. The substantial amount of anchoring ensures longevity of the ring, once in place. Our shapes are pre-fired to remove the excess water and ready to install when delivered. This is our second successful execution of re-engineering these type of systems for specific kilns ranging from 5' to 15' in diameter with the proper material selected for the operational and process conditions.



IMG 3315 IMG 3318 IMG 3320


  • Minimize valuable down time for repairs
  • Quickly interchangeable
  • Eliminate curing time
  • Pre-fired in our furnace to ensure material properties


  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Experience
  • Quick turn-around time


  • Domes
  • Burner block
  • Pier block and Divider tile
  • Jamb
  • Lintel
  • Sill block
  • Degassing and Filter boxes
  • Hearth shapes
  • Transfer troughs
  • Wall panels
  • Spanner tile

Large or small shapes—limited only by your imagination!