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Shop Linings

Virginia Carolina Refractory has capabilities of lining refractory pieces at our shop.  If it will fit on a truck, we can line it in-house.  This gives the customer “cost savings” opportunities due to the elimination of mobilization cost for a crew.

A large Combustion Chamber that was fabricated for our customer and brought to our facility, in shell form, lined at the Virginia Carolina Refractory facility. The lining consists of a three part system, 2000* insulation on the shell, then Insulating Firebrick , with a hot face of High Alumina Firebrick.  Castable Refractory was formed and poured as specified on both ends with very intricate angles and penetrations , with Plastic Refractory in nozzle areas, and could have been fired in at our facility. Virginia Carolina Refractory also has access to equipment such as the trailer shown to build/load upon and deliver your items, if required. And heavy equipment to load and unload.  If you have the need for shop work, we can perform the task!

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