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US Builders Reviews Spotlights Virginia Carolina Refractory – Spring 2016

VCR was recently spotlighted in the Spring edition of the US Builders Reviews magazine.

Reprinted from:

VIRGINIA CAROLINA REFRACTORY Providing high-temperature expertise to clients across the Southeast Produced by Shaun Emery and Written by Matt Dodge With temperatures climbing as high as 3,000 degrees, industrial clients can’t trust just anyone to work in their boilers, incinerators, kilns or crematories. Such high-temperature work requires an experienced team well-versed in the gritty, sweaty world of refractory installation, repair and maintenance and at Virginia Carolina Refractory (VCR), the team has been honing those skills for the past 27 years. “Refractories are basically a hightemperature material that withstand destructive forces and chemicals; they’re basically firebricks, but on a way higher scale than what you would see in your fireplace,” says Randy Basinger, owner of VCR. “It’s dirty, nasty, hot work, but it’s what we do.” Founded in 1989 by Basinger and two former partners, VCR serves clients throughout the Southeast from its headquarters in Salisbury, North Carolina. VCR boasts a roster of 20 masons and other qualified craftsmen and the company offers a full line of refractory services including bricklaying, ramming plastics, forming, pouring as well as or gunnite and shotcrete. Originally located in Denver, North Carolina, VCR moved the operation some 40 miles east in recent years. “It’s a larger facility and it’s closer for a lot of the folks who work in the office,” says Basinger. While the company now has a 10,000-square-foot warehouse facility in Salisbury where it can store materials and complete some pre-cast, pre-fired work, steel fabrication and shop linings, a majority of VCR’s work is done on-site at various industrial concerns throughout the region. Read More (See PDF)

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